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8 Ways to Look Fabulous

Nothing should keep you from looking fabulous. And that includes being a plus size. With polls showing that 54 percent of women in the  United States now wear plus sizes of 14 and above, it's encouraging to see the curvaceous body as a point to celebrate.  As a BBW- Big Beautiful Woman, applaud the change.


You start with the basics: Don't try to wear sizes that are too small, and buy good-quality foundation garments. Fashion in plus size means more than color and garment shape.  Fit is a critical consideration.  Clothes have to fit the body and be flattering as well as comfortable. Well made, well fitting clothes of real fabrics, wool, linen, cotton and blends look better than poorly fitting outfits of the same materials.  Rayon and polyester can look great when the clothes fit properly and are stylish.


Go for variety of looks, depending on the occasion and mood- classic, trendy, business, ethnic or casual. Coordinating separates are better rather than dresses, because they are more flexible and allow for a better fit both top and bottom. You can mix and match them for variety. Look for a store with competent salespeople who know how to help the larger women put a look together. Or use stores on the Internet, that have pictures and guides of different looks.


Keep these points for larger size women in mind:

-A monochromatic look helps to make you seem taller and more slender, but have hose and shoe color match your outfit.  Don’t be afraid of bold colors.

-Check hem lengths. Don’t have the skirt stop at the thickest part of your legs.

-Same for jackets. Don't have them end at the widest part of the hips. Also a little tailoring in a jacket goes a long way toward refining and redefining shape.

-Don't over accessorize, but don't neglect accessories altogether. Larger women can and should wear larger jewelry. Ethnic jewelry often has the right size and look.

-Wear a large brooch on your shoulder above the bust. It helps to broaden the shoulders and makes the waist look smaller.

-A longer, straighter skirt will make you look more slender.

-Most fashion statements can be adapted. If a fashion magazine shows a sweater tied around the hips, try tying one around the shoulders. It will have the same effect without adding bulk where you don't need it.

-Ethnic fashions often offer wonderful alternative looks for the plus size woman.  Why ethnic fashions?- they stand out in a positive way.

Think of jeans with a colorful tunic top; or a hip length embroidered caftan with leggings; or an exotic Shalwar Kameez can be the hit of the party.  Most ethnic fashions have stand out looks and are worn by women of all sizes in their place of origin, unlike many western looks that are only designed with models in mind.


Keep the basics in mind and you’ll look fabulous.




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